About Jonika

About Jonika

About Us


Jonika is a unique and nische company in the logistics industry. With 35 years of experience in global transport, road, sea and air transport, we have an exceptional network of partners and agents which make us truly unique. We can handle the transport needs of all industries – including dangerous goods in all classes 1-9


We highly value a personal and discreet dialogue with our customers, therefore you always get a personal contact with us that handles the entire process. This enables you as a customer to work as efficient as possible. For you as a customer, Jonika is available 24h a day 365 days a year.

Company's Historia

SINCE 1970

Jonika was founded in 2005 in Gothenburg, where it still has its headquarters. But the knowledge and competence extends all the way back to the early 1970. It was then that Jonas Berntson, who would later start Jonika, started working in transport and logistics.

Knowledge and Skills

Over the years he has worked throughout the supply chain and therefore have the knowledge and expertise few process in the industry possesses.

Contact details:

Jonas Berntson, CEO & COO 

David Lundberg, Operations Manager & Shipping Specialist 


Contact details:

Carl Hiort, Operations Specialist

Elin Berntson, Administrations

Jonika AB

Järnvågsgatan 3
413 27  Gothenburg